Tour del colosseo

Tour del colosseo


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Discover the secrets of the Pantheon like never before with our skip-the-line ticket and digital audio guide. 

Transport yourself back to the year 27 BC when the Pantheon first stood tall, a majestic temple dedicated to all the Gods of Ancient Rome. Centuries later, in the year 609 AD, a transformation of epic proportions took place: the Pantheon was reborn as a Christian Church. Today, it is possible to admire a stunning example of a pagan sanctuary successfully metamorphosing into a Christian sanctuary, preserving its glorious original design for centuries to come.

Immerse yourself in the legends and myths that shroud the Pantheon, uncovering the fascinating history behind its mysterious Oculus and unveiling the illustrious Tombs housed within. Discover the stories of the Pantheon’s Dome and the enigmatic Archaeoastronomical Story that it weaves. Traverse its sacred interior and tread upon the very pavement that has witnessed the passage of countless souls through the corridors of time.

With this skip-the-line ticket, including a guided audio tour of the Pantheon, every step you take uncovers the wonders of an ancient marvel that has transcended the boundaries of time, inviting you to experience its magnificence like never before. Prepare to be fascinated as history comes to life, and the Pantheon reveals its timeless story in all its awe-inspiring grandeur.